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style, fashion, ecology, anarchistic, radical, millennium, art, links, anticritics, video-art, net-art, mail-art, conceptualism, texts, conformism, music, message, data-trash

Trash - crash of machine (computer) logic
Trash - crash of user logic
Trash - failure of image creating
Trash - as fashion, style, freedom
Trash - cracked art - isn't to be identified, is unexpected by society, critics, doesn't conform to the demands, wishes, logic

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media art lab

happy.gif (41404 bytes)  Nominations or ideological classification of art projects:

1. Ecological Project

In this category the projects have to present effective strategies of utilisation of cultural trash. The artists are supposed to explain and justify their idea of "cultural trash" as well as utility of the proposed "recycling techniques".

 2. Anarchistic Project

The projects are to be directed at the destruction of common stereotypes and logic of presentation of images, symbols, ideas, theories, propaganda, manuals, documents, etc. We wellcome everything that is opposed to expediency, constructiveness, social benefit, economic profit, power/political responsibility, common pragmatism…

3. Radical Conformist Project

Communicability, interactivity, openness, transparency are to be both the goals and strategies of the projects. Their authors have to be concerned with assimilation of certain environment, social context or resources. The ideology of their activity is to be determined by the search for the most efficient and witty ways of interaction with the audience, other artists, power. It is navigation through the trash.


M         A         N         I         F         E          S         T

Network art in the Internet demonstrates the new democratic and progressive form of communication. Today it is necessary to revive the original radicalism of the media-technologies.
This is not the problem of technology, but the problem of philosophy and ideology.
We are interested in projects, that revolt against the technology itself.
Why do we need new technologies, if they can not express new ideas? These are - old technologies.

New technologies - are first of all new tasks.
Today the concepts of "trash & trash-art" have rather broad meanings. Our task is to confine them to the categories that would conform to the new tendencies in ideology and culture.
For us "trash" stands for the positive radicalism in art, technology and forms of communication. Our festival is the search for materials and criteria. The interaction of art and technology frames the conception, within which the festival is working. Communication within this frame can be represented as a form of art as well as a form of technology.

"Trash-art" Festival aims at searching for the alternative form of art. Within this context "trash" is not the negative definition of the present situation in art, but a word that expresses our optimism and confidence that not all art resources have been discovered for the culture. The festival appeals to the entire cultural situation.
The project has an open structure and an discursive open field. The members of the Jury are free to select the "artworks" from the Internet trash according to their taste and understanding of the present situation in contemporary culture.

It is possible that "trash-art" as a new ideology and a new technology can perform much wider tasks in the general context of contemporary art. For us it is evident, that today it is exactly in the Internet where one can find most radical projects and dialogues, whose experience the culture has to adopt.

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26 march - 15 june 1999
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