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Recycle Information Technology

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What is Redundant Technology Initiative... and why?
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Access Space

Visit our trash technology media lab, open now!


Some documentation of our current and previous projects.
ZKM - "NET_CONDITION" Exhibition in Karlsruhe
Bracknell Gallery - Exhibition at South Hill Park
Huddersfield Art Gallery - "TRASH??" Exhibition & Workshops
The Next Five Minutes - Lowtech Manifesto
TV Documentary
Art Servers Unlimited
The TEST project
Manchester's Digital Summer
ISEA - Presentation
Revolting - Installation & ASCIIart hack-in
Lovebytes - "Redundant Array" warehouse installation
Size Matters - our first ever exhibition!


A big Thank You! to all of our supporters and sponsors - find out who they are here.


Feel free to rummage around in our back room - it's not indexed - but it's where the action happens.

As you can see, despite our best efforts not everything on this site is available right now. The task of rejigging all of our website for your surfing pleasure is taking longer than we estimated, and we're also extremely busy with behind-the-scenes work preparing for the launch of our Access Space project. But don't panic - we're revitalising old information and adding new stuff all of the time, so you won't miss out on anything!

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