Programme 6.
Visual Music.

For a long time the art of light, colour and movement was growing in the deep recesses of traditional arts - music, painting, musical theatre scenography and ballet, realised by various means and techniques and called by different names. In cinematography it was known as absolute film or abstract animation, while in video art it is usually called video synthesis or image processing.
Many artists have invented their own unique instruments for moving visual images synthesis and projection, each of these instruments given a special name: Clavilux, Lumia, Mobilcolor, Colour Music, Optophone piano, LightMusic, etc.
Nowadays this tradition continues in creation of special computer software.
Andrei Smirnow.

Bulat Galeev, Kazan.
Harmonia VIVA (in the style of Salvador Dali)
Musik Komeda
Performer Irina Vanechkina
Cameraman Kamil Gimazutdinov
- Prometheus studio

Bulat Galeev, Kazan.
Fogs Symphony
Musik Nan H. de Groot
Performer Irina Vanechkina
Cameraman Kamil Gimazutdinov
Prometheus studio

Yana Aksenova, Moscow.
1998. 945. Hi-8.
Visual space Yana Aksenova..
Music Jorge Campos.
Using the score for ANS synthesizer.
Yana Aksenova
Termen Centre studio.

Olga Kumeger, Moscow.
1997. 700. Computer animation.
Music Andrei Dergachiov..
Computer graphics Olga Kumeger.
Olga Kumeger.
Termen Centre studio.

Nina Kotel, Maria Chuikova, Sergei Zagny, Moscow.
2001. 1100. VHS.
Camera Nina Kotel.
Montage Nina Kotel, Masha Chuikova.
Music Sergei Zagny.
Nina Kotel, Masha Chuikova

Roman Kornienko, Novokuznetsk.
"Dr. Lutsik"
2001. 4'30''. S-VHS
Roman Kornienko

Andrei Smirnov, Moscow
2000. Non-stop. 2000.
Andrei Smirnov

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