Programme 5.
Performance and video in contemporary Russian art.

This part explores the border territory of Russian art, created by the mutual attraction of two genres, performance and video In the English-language critical tradition a conceptualising system for video and performance interaction of has already been established, while in the Russian tradition it is now in the process of being formed. The central concept here is video performance. It is widely used in description of art actions documentary, performances made specially for the camera, art works integrating action into installation in close circuit and TV experiments.
The concept is narrowed in such terms as performance-oriented tape and tape of actions, more appropriate for documentation, and on the other hand, the terms performance-based video or performance-and-video piece - describing works of a more symbiotic kind. There is also a term for various border genre experiments - theatrical video performance.
Konstantin Bokhorov.

Kirill Preobrazhensky, Alexei Belyaev (Frozen earth lab), Moscow.
Light at the end of the tunnel.
1991. 400. VHS.
Frozen earth lab.

Giya Rigvava, Russia (Moscow) Germany (Munchen).
They all lie!
1993. 330. VHS.
With technical assistance by TV-gallery Art Media Centre.
TV Gallery

Max Iluhin.
Tunnel or Shawshank Redemption
2001. 400. MiniDV.
Maxim Iluhin

Dmitry Bulnygin, Novosibirsk.
2000.215. MiniDV PAL.
Dmitry Bulnygin

Gutov D., Moscow.
2000. 1000. Hi 8.
Dmitry Gutov and RADEK society.
Music - Pink Floyd soundtrack to Zabriskie Point
Dmitry Gutov

Maria Chuikova, Moscow.
A Housewife Reading
1999. 1120. Mini Digital.
Camera Hilly Leimgriber, Jens Voerln.
Music - Sergei Zagny.
Technical assistance by Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow) and Art via Video studio.
Maria Chuikova.

Elena Kovylina, Moscow.
2001. 1500. Betacam.
Camera Walter Lenertz.
Elena Kovylina.

Alexei Isaev, Moscow.
Zero-dimensional Space or a Topological Invariant of a Book.
1993. 10'00''. Betacam SP, Hi-8.
Filming took place in the ZSI quarters at Yakimanka street, done by a professional cameraman. The script (camera, light, movement) composed by the author. Montage at the Egocentrical Peculiarities Studio using: 486 and 2 Hi-8camera-recorders, software TARGA+, 3D studio.
Alexei Isaev.

Natalia Borisova, Russia (Moscow) Germany (Berlin).
1998. 2009. Hi 8.
Starring: Anna Kuznetsova, Mikhail Eihner
Music - Andrei Dergachyov..
Termen Centre
Natalia Borisova

Platon Infante - Arana, Moscow.
1995. 300. MiniDV.
V.M. Kobrins trick film workshop.
Director P. Infante-Arana.
Artist Anton Antonov..
Camera Kirill Speransky.
Produciton Timofey Nosik..
Platon Infante-Arana.

BlueSoup, Moscow.
1997. 500. Betacam.
Starring: Alexei Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev, Valery Patkonen..
Script Lebedev.
Directors: Alexei Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev, Valery Patkonen..
Camera Vladimir Kuzakov.
Music composed by Andrei Murashov.
Montage and special effects R. Rashevich.
Producers: Vladimir Levashov, Aleksandr Silverstov.
Technical assistance by Cine Phantom studio.
Cine Fantom studio.

Igor Davletshin, Vladimir Goryachev, Kemerovo.
Insect art.
2000. 615. Hi 8.
Igor Davletshin, Vladimir Goryachev

Vladimir Salnikov, Moscow.
Dancing Shiva and his disciple.
2001. 810.VHS.
Camera Nina Kotel, Vladimir Salnikov.
Montage Vladimir Salnikov.
Composer Sergei Zagny
Piano played by Anton Batagov.
Vladimir Salnikov.

Sinie nosy (V. Mizin, D. Bylnigin, K. Skotnikov), Novosibirsk.
A series of performances.
2000.345. MiniDV PAL.
Sinie nosy

Maksim Verevkin, Izhevsk.
2001. 600. SVHS.
Idea - Maksim Verevkin.
Camera AnfimX.
Montage and sound Ignat Gaimuratov.
Poetry Gottfried Benn.
Voice Richard Turbatu..
Assistance Anton Mikriukov..

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