Programme 3
«Videoart and TV»

The artist is the medium of the media space. This is one of the main character traits of the nature of art from its beginnings to our days, independent of its surroundings, allowing us to interpret the role of a video artist as a spiritualist, ventriloquist, messiah and ingenious crook. Indeed, wherever our medium is to be found, no matter what the country or technological level of its civilisation, he never loses the chance to become the centre of attention. The television broadcasts of the 20-th century gave him new opportunities. The whole historical diversity of artistic manipulation of the viewer and own image became accessible through mass-media technologies on TV screen. On the other hand, the television, due to broadcaster virtualisation technologies and the possibility to turn informational channels into “super” reality of the viewers existence, is rapidly itself becoming a mutant medium, changing its mask every minute.
Alexei Isaev.

TV and simulacrum.

Pirat TV
Timur Novikov, Vladik Mamyshev-Monroe, Yuris Lesnik, Sergei Shutov), St. Petersburg.
1989-1992. (episode).

“Lenin is a Mushroom”
Idea and host - Sergei Sholokhov.
“Guest” - Sergei Kuryokhin.
5-th Channel, St. Petersburg.
1992. 30’00”. (episode). Betacam SP.

Our Own Television System (“Egocentrical Peculiarities Studio.”) Moscow:
1) Vadim Koshkin, Moscow.
“Our Own Television System” .
1994. 5’30’’. Hi 8.
2) Alexei Isaev, Vadim Koshkin, Vladimir Kromin, Moscow.
“Dance & Video”.
1994. 5’00”. Hi 8.
3) Alexei Isaev, Moscow.
“ Videoscenario”.
1994. 8’00”. Hi 8.
© Our Own Television System.

“Pop Culture”
Boris Yukhananov, Moscow.
1990. 30’00”. (episode). Betacam.
TV Company – “Most Rossiya”.
Producer – Stas Namin.
Director and author - Boris Yukhananov.

“Our Own Magazine”. “Simple Stories”.
Vladimir Levashov, Andrei Silverstov, Moscow.
1997-1999. 30’00”. (episode). Hi 8.

ÒV programmes “Patrol” è “Duvan”.
Roman Kornienko, Novokusnetsk.
© Roman Kornienko.

Videoart, TV and Advertisement.

  Video clips on TV (Yulia Ovchinnikova), Moscow.
“Art Videos or the Art of Showing ART ”.
2000. 3’00’’. Mini DV.
Idea, script, camera - Yulia Ovchinnikova
Digital remastering, music – Platon Infante-Arana.
Project realised with assistance of Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (Moscow)and “Art via Video” studio
© Yulia Ovchinnikova, Platon Infante-Arana, Moscow.

Elena Nekrasova, Moscow.
1998, 4'40’’. Betacam.
Scriptwriter and director – Elena Nekrasova.
Camera – Ilya Ovsenev.
Camera assistant – Daniil Gurevich.
Starring: Vladimir Baryshnikov, Pavel Zlobin, Anatoly Terentiev, Natasha Maslova
Music – Mihkail Karsky, Evgeny Kadimsky.
Technical asssistance – Creative Union “KOSA”.

Olga Tobreluts, St. Petersburg.
“Neoacademist Manifest”.
4’00’’. Betacam SP.
Director – Olga Tobreluts.
Photography - Andrei Zhiglov.
Computer graphics - Vladimir Aleksandrîâ, Avenir Snyatkov.
Producer – Alex.
© Olga Tobreluts.

Andrei Gagarin (Andrei Velikanov and Yulia Velikanova), Moscow.
“Some like it wiyhout sugar”.
1999. 3’00”. MJPEG.
© Andrei Gagarin.

Andrei Velikanov and Yulia Velikanova.
“The Virtual Body of God”.
2000. 6’00’’. MJPEG.
© Andrei Velikanov and Yulia Velikanova.

Maksim Zonov, Novosibirsk.
“Trouble TV”
2001. 1'00''. VHS.
© Maksim Zonov.

TV program.

“Exotics”, Moscow.
Idea and host – Andrei Borisov.
1991-1996. (episode).
© EM “Artel”

“Silence 9”, Moscow.
Idea and host -Tatiana Didenko.
1992-1996. (episode).

“TV Gallery”, Moscow.
Idea and host – Nina Zaretskaya.
Director – Sergey Savushkin.
Camera – Alexei Mihailov.
© TV Gallery.

“Demo”, St. Petersburg.
6-th Channel, St. Peterburg.
Idea and host - Vikenty Dav.
© Cine Fanton studio.

“Cineavantgard to Video Art”, Moscow.
Idea and host – Kirill Razlogov.
Director – Oleg Kosolapov.
Scriptwriter – Milena Musina.
Camera – Aleksandr Simonov, Oleg Dobronravov, Grigory Chuvakov.
Sound director – Yasha Geronimus.
The programme has been broadcast on “Kultura” channel since February 2001.
Till the end of 2001 36 instalments broadcast, out of the total of 65 planned.
© “Camer-Ton Film Rus”