Programme 2.
Aesthetic and technological experiments in video art.

The definitions of artistic experiment or experimental creativity can be run across fairly often in contemporary art and especially video art project description. It is not only a manifestation of a critics or art historians vagueness concerning both aims, problems and artistic quality of a given work, perceived as a creative process not as a finished product in the traditional sense. It is also an evidence of a very important methodological transformation that has irrevocably changed the 20-th century aesthetic paradigm. All the above applies to video art, which has become a field of experimental study and trial for various ideas, methods, technologies, not necessarily coming initially from the contemporary art arsenal.
(Tatiana Gorucheva).

  Sergei Shutov, Moscow.
Sensual Experiences
1993. 940. VHS.
Sergei Shutov.

Alexei Isaev, Moscow.
1994. 700. Hi-8.
First video version (filmed live, without further montage).
Filming, light and sound - author's conception.
Sound assistant The Eights' Day Group.
Alexei Isaev.

Yuris Lesnik, St.Petersburg.
Topology in sculpture
1993. 240. VHS.
The project is realised with computer assistance by ASKoD video.
Yuris Lesnik.

Blue Soup, Moscow.
Coitus Suite
1996. 630. Betacam.
Music Alexei Dobrov.
Camera Daniil Lebedev.
Sound Valery Patkonen.
Cine Phantom studio.

Olga Tobreluts, St. Petersburg.
Hercules' Last Feat.
1996. 140. Betacam SP.
Director Olga Komarova (Tobreluts).
Producer Timur Novikov.
Music Vladimir Aleksandrov.
Featuring Aleksandr Vishnevsky (Winner of Russian Bodybuilding Championship).
With technical assistance from Kreig and financial support from Soros Centre for Contemporary Art (St. Petersburg).
Olga Tobreluts.

Olga Tobreluts, St. Petersburg.
"Eternal Music"
1996. 300. Betacam SP.
Featuring - Olga Tobreluts.
Olga Tobreluts.

Timur Novikov, Sergei Shutov.
Sunrise, Submarine, Penguins, Aeroplane.
1993. 300. VHS.
Timur Novikov, Sergei Shutov.

Natalia Borisova, Russia (Moscow) Germany.
Three vers libres.
1995. 330. MiniDV.
PC 486, APremiere4.0.
Camera, script, sound Natalia Borisova.
Starring: Evgenia Zubkova..
With technical assistance from Termen Centre studio.
Termen Center.
Natalia Borisova.

Tanya Detkina and Aleksandr Nikolaev, Moscow.
1995. 700. Hi - 8.
Termen Center.
Tanya Detkina, Aleksandr Nikolaev.

Vladimir Mogilevsky, Moscow.
1993. 1000. VHS.
Vladimir Mogilevsky.

Vadim Koshkin, Moscow.
Parasites of the Brain.
1994. 300. Betacam.
Authors Vadim Koshkin, Nikolai Shiroky.
Technical assistance and montage Kreig, Egocentrical Peculiarities Studio.
Egocentrical Peculiarities Studio.

ZAiBI, Moscow.
Lenin and Stalin, in 3 parts.
Part 1. "Once upon a time" 1991-1998. 300. Betacam.
Animation, 16 mm, colour, digitally remastered.
Part 2 ."Accidentally" 1998. 200. Betacam.
Computer animation.
Part 3 ."Parcel with chacha" 2000. 400. 16 mm. Black and white, feature film.

Galina Myznikova Sergei Provorov, Nizhni Novgorod.
1999. 2320. Betacam SP.
Scriptwriters - Provorov Sergei, Galina Myznikova.
Camera - Skvortsov Andrei, Provorov Sergei.
Music Ivan Pavlov.
Producers Ivan Pavlov, Vsevolod Tsendrovsky.
Galina Myznikova, Sergei Provorov

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