Programme 1
Cinema and video art the border. The Utopia of slow video.

Reality captured on cinefilm is fractured, while reality captured on video lingers. Unlike the motion-picture camera, the camera-recorder records image and sound simultaneously. If the cinefilm achieves the distancing effect, the major achievement of video is an ability to create a copy of reality. Cinema being a human minds discontinuity incarnate, invented after the Death of God, it is video that returns to human kind the holistic world view. A human being with a discontinuous consciousness, brought up within the cinema culture, looks into a syncretic thinking camera-recorder. What will come of it?
(Milena Musina).

Leonid Tishkov, Moscow.
War with Dabloids.
1997-1998. 4'10'' Hi 8.
Leonid Tishkov

Nikolai Shiroky, Moscow.
Once upon a time there was/was not a man
1999.1350. Filmed on VHS, 8 mm newsreel, nonlinear montage DPS Perception, Betacam SP.
Starring: The Karamazov Brothers, D. Plotkin, I. Soloviev, A. Elmar, S. Kuskov.
Music by E. Kadimski.
Nikolai Shiroky

ZAiBI, Moscow.
A Sort of Film
1998. 810'' Mixed technique.

Sergei Shutov, Moscow.
Look, how quiet it is!
1994. 409. VHS.
Sergei Shutov

Nikolai Izvolov, Moscow.
Thief! Thief!.
1998. 630. Mixed technique.
Nikolai Izvolov

Andrus Ventslova, St. Petersburg.
A Cloud
1997. 535. CD.
Andrus Ventslova.

Andrus Ventslova, St. Petersburg.
Video opera Mireille
1995. 940 Hi 8.
Production Andrus Ventslova.
Consultant- Timur Novikov..
Starring: Oleg Maslov, Thomas Bander, Viktor Kuznetsov.
With a piece of Charles Gounods opera played by the National Orchestra of France (conducted by Andre Clutens, recorded 1954).
Andrus Ventslova.

Blue Soup, Moscow.
1998. 320. Betacam.
Production Alexei Dobrov, Daniil Lebedev.
Technical support Cine Phantom studio.
Cine Phantom studio.

Alexei Isaev, Moscow.
Revolution in circular motion/ Side-show montage
1996. 600. Hi 8.
Alexei Isaev.

Olga Tobreluts, St. Petersburg.
Woe to Reason.
1993. 740. Betacam SP.
Director O. Komarova (O. Tobreluts).
Camera Igor Yurov.
Dress design Nadia Vasilieva..
Computer graphics Vladimir Aleksandrov.
Montage: sergei Nevskiy, Avenir Snyatkov, Vladimir Aleksandrov.
Music: Mikhail Alekseev, Aleksei Danilov.
Starring: Vadik mamyshev, Timur Novikov, Andrei Khlobystin, Yuris Lesnik, Irena Kuksenaite.
Technical assistance by Kreig.
Olga Tobreluts.

Svetlana Baskova, Moscow.
Little Green Elephant.
1999. 8000 (episode). Betacam.
Director Svetlana Baskova.
Producer: Oleg Mavromati.
Starring: Sergei Pakhomov, Aleksandr Maslaev, Vladimir Epifantsev, Anatoli Osmolovski.
Svetlana Baskova.

Boris Yukhananov, Moscow.
Uncontrollable for anybody.
1994 -1996. 1600. Betacam.
Taking part in the film: Masha Rubinstein, Lesha Krikin, Dima Polyakov.
Sound Nadazhda Ovchinnikova.
Montage Irena Novikova.
Computer graphics Vadim Koshkin, Nikolai Shiroki, Norman Latsis, Yuri Suvorov, Kirill Kamionski.
Mir -TV.

Anna Novikova, Moscow.
Whether you like it or not, just sleep, my beauty
1990-1991. 2500(episode). Betacam.
Camera Milat Tauk..
Anna Novikova.

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